Friday, September 14, 2018

Fall Festival 22 &23 2018

One week to go!

I am finishing up some final projects today, for the festival. We will get mostly packed up this weekend, it will give me a little breather before set up on Friday.
I have a bad habit of thinking of things to create..right down to the last minute!
Its hard to stop when you are in creative mode.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Corvallis Fall Festival

Corvallis Fall Festival September 22 &23

The Fall Festival is fast approaching.
After some very successful summer art shows, I have been busy busy getting ready, and making some fresh Art for the last big show for the season. 

Plasma cut Viney Ferns - 
I have made a series of these over the summer from some old sawmill blades I inherited from my Great Uncle Lige. Back in the day He would cut some very artful knife blades from the steel and add carved wood or antler handles, I think everyone in the family is a proud owner of one of these knives. 

Vase Hearts, my sunflowers look so perfect in them.

Spider Season

Tropical Fishes


Friday, August 17, 2018

Summit Festival

I'll have a booth at the beautiful Summit Festival 
Saturday the 18th of August 
I'm not sure of the official start time, Most of us are usually set up by 11:00.

Summit posters from the past, drawn by the Famous Summit resident Earl Newman. It is always fun to see what the theme of the year will be.

Join us there will be...
Live music, a Quilts show and raffle that support community causes.
A fabulous dessert auction.
Lots af local artists and craftsmen to shop from and support. 
There is usually even a watermelon eating contest.

The Summit Festival is a one of a kind small town country Festival 
Everyone knows each other and welcomes visitors with open arms.
Summit is one of our closest neighbors to Harlan and it's fun to get to visit them once in awhile, 
It's where I first started showing and selling my Art.

Looking forward to seeing old friends and new.