Thursday, September 23, 2021

It’s Happening! Corvallis Fall Festival

 The beautiful Fall Festival is back!

September 25 & 26

Corvallis Fall Festival

I even had a chance to make some fresh masks with some of my rust and indigo dyed fabric. 
For me and my faithful helper to wear during the festival.
The Fall  Festival board has installed extra precautions such as sanitizer stations and redrawn the layout to allow more spacing. 
And of course wearing masks is required. 
And we thank you!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Finally a Festival! Join me at Corvallis Fall Festival September 25 &. 26

It’s been a long two summers, with no Festivals or Art shows.

I’ve been busy with family and gardening..staying home mostly. But it’s been nice to have a goal schedule in September to motivate some Art making!

Here is a small sneak peek of what I’ve been getting ready for Corvallis Fall Festival.

I’d also love to thank all the friends and art seekers that contacted me over the past two summers and continued to support and buy my Art. You are all a blessing. 

These two fish were inspired by the huge Mola fish that washed up on the Oregon coast this summer.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Virtual Art Summer Art Show 2020

Strange Summer - Virtual Art Show
I miss seeing all my great supporters this year.
With all the virtual art shows I figured I'd post the art I have available at this time. I will try to keep up with posting new art as I make it. I have been enjoying an easy going old fashioned "summer vacation" making quilts and getting lots of gardening done. 
But I am also getting a few things done in the studio.

Most of the Art I have is local pickup only, a few small or lighter items can be shipped.
Email me with any questions.


shovel Owl 40$

Large Lawnmower blade crane... $ 265

Trio of Pickax Birds

Drillpress bird $225

Small bird on a stick $35

Medium birds $75



Muffler dragonfly $150, small sitting or stick dragonfly's $40



Very large trophy Fish (sailfish/swordfish) $125

small fish $45

small Yellow Scrappy fish $45


large feathered heart $95

Yellow or White Heart with doorknob plate $45

Large Scrappy heart $85

Tiny scrappy heart $25

Heart with chainsaw and keys $45

Medium Green Heart with lock loop $75

Ferns and Flowers

Sawblade cut out ferns $85

large yellow fern with hooks $85

small yellow fern with hooks $45

Double red ferns with hooks $55


Flower Pictures $65 each


Large fancy table with pool balls $565