Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pieces of History - Family Trees

 This rusted cloth was the first I ever, made with a cheap piece of cotton from Jo-Anns, it even had a hole in it , but I just wanted to try some rust-dying, so I used what I had on hand at the time.Well I have been trying to recreate this type of patterning on "good" fabric ever since, I have gotten some other cool prints but nothing similar. Lesson here don't use Junk when trying a new technique, because it might be the one you like the best.

I see a tree in this, a big old knarlly river willow, leanin' over the banks of the Big Elk River.
I have been hanging on to this for a couple of years trying to decide how to implement my vision, I played with some computer doodling when I first took these pictures; to get a better vision of my tree, and to see which side of the cloth I want to use. You always get design on both sides with rust-dyeing.

So every leaf will have a photo transfer from one of my family photos. I have had fun trying different transfers for all the leafs. I am thinking either hand stiching the tree outline with some heavy hand-dyed threads I bought a while back from Artfabrik , or machine "thread-sketching I have a few different sizes, some I can run throught my machine and some I can not. I think the heavier the thread the better it will help to define the tree, but I have never really handstiched anything.

I had the idea that I needed to mark or outline my cloth to get have a better visual, I have no non-perment marking tools at the moment, so what to do... Light bulb moment! freezer paper, iron on and hang on the window and draw all you want .   I had a new idea should I cut out the tree and applique onto a different background fabric, or would I lose the effect of the whole cloth printing? More desicions...

Piles of to make the leaves later.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Rust Quilt Entry

A House In Harlan
I have been making Rusted cloth for a couple of years now, and this "call for entry" came from Rust-Tex, the sponsors of the exhibit, a group of ladies that I know challenged each other to enter with some rust dyed cloth that we had created during a summer workshop,
This is the first Juried Show, I have ever entered (or any quilt show for that matter). I don't know how I will do, but it was no pressure, my Goal was to get them finished and entered which was a Big step for this procrastinator! I have about three other Rust Quilts in the works but I feel very good about finishing these  and getting them entered .

This Quilt - A House in Harlan is a very personal quilt made with old family photos, from my Dad's Mothers Family, The pictures date from the 1930's.

  A Rusted Family Tree
 this small quilt includes pictures from my Mothers, Grandmothers Family, Each leaf is constucted of a photo transfer, and layered with quilt material.

Summer Fun -Revisited

As I prepare to help teach a Gelatin Printing Class at my local Quilt Group I enjoyed looking back through last years Botanical Prints, it is always so fun and I always go way over board with the printing and still have not made any journal quilts with the prints yet . I am trying to decide if a whole Art quilt needs to be pieced with the series of prints, or do I make individual quilts? Maybe that is why I haven't decided what to do with them, right know I will enjoy reviewing them

Sword Fern

Here are some pictures of some Botanical Gelatin Prints that I made last summer.


Bracken Fern

As you can see there are usually two - three good prints from each subject, I have dozens more these are just a sampling.