Monday, November 29, 2010

Another Preview before, Friday and Saturday's show.

Another crane with an different "face", I was in such a rut with the faces I make out of mower blade guards , I didn't end up using any this time around. 

It is so cold and miserable and rainy right now I had to move my photo session into the shop( not that it is any warmer, just drier.) I think I should stick with Spring/ Summer shows for Welded Art. And stick to my Quilting in Winter, Brrrrrrrr.
I have been sneaking some Quilt projects into my Schedule, our Harlan Quilt Group has a challenge fabric this year I will reveal after our Holiday Luncheon. I have been taking pictures just can not post yet.

I have a set of Pool balls that I salvaged from a table my hubby was tearing apart. I have been dying to use them, and finally have got it down how to include them in my welded art. They bring such a great splash of color, to an otherwise mono-chromatic medium. I had to go back and add one to this long legged birdie. If you look back at an older post you will see him without his "ball".

I also had to make a new snail just to use a pool ball.

The Salmon run up the river just behind my studio, so it is always fun to make a new fish, this one has and hand forged antique hook on it's tail.

Well back outside tomorrow to brave the cold and finish up a couple  of fern sketch's, and a mushroom sign. Then get finish packing for Friday and Saturday's show at OSU.

I just had to add a sneak peak of the challenge fabric, nobody can guess what this is.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Show Preview, Antique Bird

I was going for a bird a little out of the ordinary with this guy, he is only a few feet tall. I have been trying to use some of these door knob I have had laying around , they present a bit of a challenge for welding, so I encased the main plate with some antique harness rings to avoid welding right on the plate.
The base on this bird is apparently from an antique jack stand? I am not sure what the beak/face is. Also the door knobs and key plate are oldies. And of course the good old standbys rake tines, pulley chains and various farm parts. I am pretty happy with how he turned out.

Holiday Market Place 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New birds and getting ready for a Exhibit

You can find this bird (and some others) at the Handmade in Oregon Exhibit, now on display at the OSU Memorial Union concourse.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Summit Festival --- Fern Sketches, and New birds

We are all packed up for the Summit Festival, It is a one day, small coastal mountain community festival , it is always great fun and good entertainment , an old fashion dessert auction, quilt raffle, many talented people live in these hills and a lot of them turn out at the Summit festival to share the creativity. Come join in the fun!

Fern Sketch

Double fern sketch


Bird with antique hook and pulley


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summit Festival this Saturday

 The Summit festival is on the 21st of August this year, it is loads of fun and this year my cousin is going to have a booth also,so it should be double the fun. This is where I first started showing some small artwork 10 years ago! Me and My Cousin and Aunt all shared a booth, now 10 years later I have to decide what to leave at won't all fit. I am thinking of leaving two guys at home:

(so if anybody in interested in these guys let me know and I can squeeze them in)

And don't worry I am making some smaller critters to fill in for these giants at the festival.

PS. I think my Quilt is traveling to England right now ! See the Rust-Tex sidebar link at the top of the page for updates.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Items to show

 Big Birds and Small Birds

Snails , Four ways...

Other Critters

Show coming up at Garland Nursery

 I have a two day show this weekend at Garland Nursery.  Garland  it located between Corvallis and Albany on Hwy 20. It is a Wine and Art in the garden event , stop by and say Hi, I will be shooting pictures of my new items today so check back for a preview of the show.

August, Sat 7th & Sun 8th 10 to 4pm - Art and Wine in the Garden