Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Festival Preview

I have had this panel in mind for some time, a perfect rustic piece from an old oil stove. The funny thing is while I was cutting out other parts, I was wondering what word to write on the panel, then I thought it would be great for a garden gate or fence ... so GROW.
Scroll about 5 pictures down and you will see her "GROW" print. Great minds think alike ! It must have something to do with the wonderful green country we live in.

Flowers made with old sickle mower blades

Birds on Sticks

A fatty bird that swallowed a red ball.

Snails with shiny things

Small Fern cut from the last of the wood stove, that the turtle was made from . 

Big peacock and small one,

Two more little houses

Garden Ornaments

Rustic Wonky Dancing Stars Stakes, say that three times fast!

Well there is lots more to see so come visit me at the Fall Festival in Corvallis

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall Festival in Corvallis

Wow what a surprise when I got a call early this week, to fill in for a booth that canceled at the Fall Festival.  I was on a waiting list but I didn't really think I would get the call . Yippee! I am getting ready.

Bubble Tree? or giant flower?

Birds in the tree

The aftermath of making...

  The timing was perfect, last weekend I was invited out to an old farm to gather treasure. Digging in old barn corners and finding little piles of tractor parts lost under the old hay, dust, and squirrelled away acorn piles. I found lots of inspirational handfuls and bucketfuls. It is always refreshing to my creative mind to get/gather "new" supplies.  I never would have been able to whip up these new art pieces without this boost to my imagination (even if most of the stuff I used I already had laying around). Funny how this works out. Now I feel very happy with the progress I am making to fill out my booth for the Fall Festival.

Three new little guys.

And the start of a new fern.

More to come, back to work now.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Summit Festival Revisited

Summit Festival 2011

My booth neighbor had beautiful flowers, it made the perfect backdrop for my display.

One of my great helpers. 

Taking a break at the end of the day the enjoy the entertainment.