Monday, November 29, 2010

Another Preview before, Friday and Saturday's show.

Another crane with an different "face", I was in such a rut with the faces I make out of mower blade guards , I didn't end up using any this time around. 

It is so cold and miserable and rainy right now I had to move my photo session into the shop( not that it is any warmer, just drier.) I think I should stick with Spring/ Summer shows for Welded Art. And stick to my Quilting in Winter, Brrrrrrrr.
I have been sneaking some Quilt projects into my Schedule, our Harlan Quilt Group has a challenge fabric this year I will reveal after our Holiday Luncheon. I have been taking pictures just can not post yet.

I have a set of Pool balls that I salvaged from a table my hubby was tearing apart. I have been dying to use them, and finally have got it down how to include them in my welded art. They bring such a great splash of color, to an otherwise mono-chromatic medium. I had to go back and add one to this long legged birdie. If you look back at an older post you will see him without his "ball".

I also had to make a new snail just to use a pool ball.

The Salmon run up the river just behind my studio, so it is always fun to make a new fish, this one has and hand forged antique hook on it's tail.

Well back outside tomorrow to brave the cold and finish up a couple  of fern sketch's, and a mushroom sign. Then get finish packing for Friday and Saturday's show at OSU.

I just had to add a sneak peak of the challenge fabric, nobody can guess what this is.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Show Preview, Antique Bird

I was going for a bird a little out of the ordinary with this guy, he is only a few feet tall. I have been trying to use some of these door knob I have had laying around , they present a bit of a challenge for welding, so I encased the main plate with some antique harness rings to avoid welding right on the plate.
The base on this bird is apparently from an antique jack stand? I am not sure what the beak/face is. Also the door knobs and key plate are oldies. And of course the good old standbys rake tines, pulley chains and various farm parts. I am pretty happy with how he turned out.

Holiday Market Place 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New birds and getting ready for a Exhibit

You can find this bird (and some others) at the Handmade in Oregon Exhibit, now on display at the OSU Memorial Union concourse.