Tuesday, September 8, 2009

From a Box of Stuff & Crusty Rusty old Tractor Wheel, To a Finished Sculpture!

This Is What I Started With,

this will be the frame work,

This was all the stuff that was gathered from the customer & recipient's circle of friends. The piece was commissioned as a gift for her friend, everything has some kind of meaning to them. Example is the horseshoes are from someones pony and horse. So it was my challenge to put it all together into a work of Art! Everything had great Shape and Beauty, but somethings did test my skill and problem solving abilities, as there was various kinds of metal to incorporate that could not be welded, but it all came together as you will soon see.

The Base will be an old tractor wheel RUSTY and CRUSTY!!

I just had to get some pictures of this awesome rust, great texture. Alot of work cleaning it up, and I owe alot of thanks to Hubby for cleaning it up for me!

Getting started on the layout , I always have some kind of idea in my mind , getting it all to fit together is the key, arranging and rearranging,
One of the only requests was that the Initials were included and if possible be able to rotate

Close to the final layout but it is never final until it is welded

Getting there!!

DONE!!! ... I will add some more detail shots tomorrow.

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  1. Kathi.......great photos of you at work!
    Love the horse shoes going down the side, looks like feathered quilting!
    Love the bird on the top too.