Monday, June 29, 2009

Perfectly in Place

A little house perfectly in place along with some Mushrooms, After making the flat cut out mushroom's I wanted to try some 3-D mushrooms! So here they are. The set was a Mothers Day present for Mom this year. Mom and Dad's Campground is my personal "Outdoor Sculpture Garden". I usually give Mom or Dad some kind of sculpture for a special occasion.

Dad's Big Sculpture

This is a big piece I made for Dad in 2007, My niece is ringin'Da' bell.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Biggest Compliment!!!

Giant "Crane"

One of the coolest compliments I have gotten recently is from a Lady that was looking at my Art at the Spring Garden Sale in Corvallis, She asked if I was a "Birder" or bird watcher, I said "not really" although I do watch birds all the time and love to spot them around here, But I have never kept a bird list. People in my family are always telling each other "I seen this bird or that bird".


She went on to say the reason she asked if I was a "birder" is that my bird sculptures had such a Bird kind of attitude to them although not realistic, very birdish. That was a cool thing for someone to notice!
Oh by the way Me and Hubby seen a pair of Bald Eagles the day we planted the garden!!Maybe I will try my hand at an Eagle???


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"RUSTic" little houses

Another set I started was little Rustic Houses, they are small and fun to make, and embellish. I was trying to make some Wonky , but they all turned out pretty straight.

Ferns, Fiddleheads and Mushrooms

Here is a new idea I had this Spring,

Fern and Fiddlehead sketches,

I got a plasma cutter last year and haven't got to experiment much with it . So these are some of my first ideas , I didn't want to do "cookie cutter" cutouts. I wanted to stick with my style of Art so here are the first attempts at drawing with my plasma cutter (it is a electrical type of cutting torch). Hopefully my future attempts turn out as good. The pictures are not very impressive, I forgot to take them at home and had to take the pictures at the Sale , so the lighting is kinda bad.
But Good thing I took a couple of shots, because this one SOLD!!
The two pictures above are close ups of this one.

Here are the other two, another Fern w/Fiddleheads and a Mushroom Patch.