Friday, April 15, 2011

Grandpa Kenny "Green"

Growing up we had a color called "Grandpa Kenny Green". OK, it is really just green . But when I was young my Grandpa Kenny bought a 50 gallon barrel of green paint at a surplus auction. I remember many of Grandpa's inventions being painted with that paint, many vehicles, tractors and other welded shop creations. Well recently he cleaned out his shop and gave me some scrap metal, including this old shop stove, which you guessed it, was painted with the infamous green paint.

Well I was thinking about just sending it to the scrap pile, but as you know if anything sits here for very long a bright idea will pop into my mind. I started wondering if that green paint would survive the cutting and grinding and welding process. If I cut big enough pieces it preserved some of the paint in the center, it is very chalky and rubs off on my gloves, but we will see....

After refilling the Oxygen cutting torch tank twice( it is small), and many days of practicing my cutting skills. This is the perfect kind of work that doesn't matter, to practice on. I finally have a big enough pile to start using.

Next hours....days of grinding and cleaning the edges.


I get to put the puzzle pieces back together. I used a giant stainless steel bowl for a form and start tacking the pieces together, easy to start with, and little trickier as the open spaces got smaller, I had to grind a few custom pieces to fit.


YEP!, Turned out just how I wanted it to. Thanks Grandpa for the old green stove.


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