Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It is begining to look like Welding weather

Interview and Spring cleaning,

The Local paper came out last week to the "Story next door", it was fun and a bonus was doing a little bit of pre-spring cleaning , I had to get the shop semi presentable. Cleaning is the best for getting Creative juices back up and running after a nice January break playing with my other new albeit short lived pastime,
Click here, to see Snow Dyeing.

Fisherman and Cottage

Small Flower with 1inch washers

I am brimming with some Ideas for two new benches to get started on this Spring , this is the bench from last Fall , Stay tuned to see my new Ideas...

                               Now,  I am not much of a "Sketch Ideas ahead" of time type of Artist, but sometimes you got to get an idea down on paper before other ideas crowd them out , we will see how these sketch's compare to the final products.


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  1. Very cool stuff you make! Thanks for sharing!