Sunday, July 8, 2012

Team building - Garden Bench with an old tailgate

A new kind of project, this was a joint effort between me and Hubby. I am the project director and welder, he was the wood worker. I saw a cool bench on Pintrest   made using pallet wood. So we started out with that idea in mind, of course we didn't have pallets laying around ( he was going to get some from work), but we started on the framework and figured out dimensions. But who wants to wait around till next week? I am easily side tracked when bombarded with good ideas and you must run with them while they are fresh!

So I remember the broken tailgate off of the old Chevy, I have been thinking about cutting it up to use the cool letters and pretty rusty green. Thank goodness I hadn't!

Frame work, 4x4 pressure treated for the legs, 2x6 for the rest. Or in other words...whatever we had laying around, this is how we work. It is an hour to the nearest store.

The Pretty Pretty tailgate,



Welding Brackets to the back of the tailgate, I had to custom fit each one due to the "natural curves" of the tailgate, aka Dents.

Testing the fit

mounting the tailgate

We have a lot of license plates from things

This plate was off of our first camp trailer.

The carpenter.

The welder.

A little story about the tailgate. This Pickup belong to my Dads friend, he bought it brand new in 1972, (the year I was born). I don't know how many years he had it before my Dad bought it from him and it became a "FarmTruck". When I got my license and graduated Dad gave it to me, but needless to say I never even tried to drive it! Years later I still end up with it after Dad gave it to my Husband. It still runs and we haul wood and stuff in it, the Pickup just sports a "new" brown tailgate. 


  1. Very nice post Kathi.....I enjoyed seeing the process of creating the oh so cool bench!

  2. You have a God given talent and produce beautiful Art work! I live so far away to purchase something and have it shipped :(
    Maybe one day I will go visit and bring it home in a suitcase LOL!

  3. You have a God given talent and produce beautiful art work. One day I will go visit and bring a piece home in my suitcase LOL!
    Love, Anita

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