Friday, August 17, 2012

Summit Festival only comes once a year.

And it came fast this year! Summer is flying by fast than I can believe. So are the years, 12 years (or is it 13?)

The Summit Festival was the first event I ever showed at. My daughter was just starting school, and now she is a high school graduate, and off to college.

That first year my Cousin, Aunt and I all shared a booth! Now I barely have room for all my own Art in the space.


Come and visit the Little town of Summit, Saturday the 18th of August.

We will all be there with bells on!


My new Mushroom Bench will not make it to Summit, due to lack of space, in the booth and the Pickup. It will debut at the Toledo Art Walk, Labor day weekend in Toledo. With more cool stuff to come. I am a guest artist this year at Becky Miller's studio. Keep,your eyes out for another post with more details.

This Beauty is right around the corner from my shop.




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