Friday, March 22, 2013

Tea Bag Art Tea for Two(hundred & sixty)

Tea for Two(hundred & sixty)

I have a upcoming Permission to Play class I have been prepping to teach. For more information on Permission to Play click here.

Over two hundred and sixty teabags ready for stamping.
Saturday I finished cleaning up the last of the teabags, opening, empty and pressing. I love to do stuff like this, very relaxing. I think these tags must be included in some art, they are so cool.
Thank you all for saving your used Tea Bags!
I have over 260 "perfect" Tea Bags and many more odd, small, ripped, round....and burnt ones! ( don't ask how they got burnt, hehe)

So many colors of tea stains...

Tiny t quilt on linen fabric.

Sweet Gum leaves under tea bags, on rust dyed fabric.

Tea bags over white fabric, with black screen printed house. Skeleton leaves under tea bags. All the coloration in this quilt is the tea stained bags, the fabric was crisp white.

Today I started to sketch on some tea bags, so we will see how they turn out...more to follow.



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