Friday, September 6, 2013

Trash to Treasure

Spring cleaning a few seasons too late. A busy Spring and Summer of making Art, has kept me busy making messes instead of cleaning up.

It is time to make a trip to the scrap metal yards, to seek out some useful metal parts. I need some boring basics like rebar, springs, shovels.

( ya gotta use what you have in the shop to make a list)

But I might also find some treasures I cannot live with out, on my wish list are old animal traps, old drill bits, gear rings and some squiggly things! If I find any I'll share a picture.

So going shopping means cleaning out junk or parts I will never use. I have a pretty good feel for what I can safely throw away after this many years. But there are something I have been hanging on to from the very start. When I start cleaning and filling the truck full of metal junk I have to keep reminding myself that basically I'm "trading" scrap metal for art supplies.

The fun part of this job is taking the cutting torch and separating the Trash from the Treasure

My favorite heavy hammer helps in the un-assembling of old farm equipment.

Can you find the Treasure among the Trash?
Tomorrow we are off to Cherry City Metals and Burchams to find more treasure. I'll let you know what I find :)


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