Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The long winter is over, the First Festival of the year is coming up on Sunday, wheewww, where did the time go. I have been busy making new things, and learning new thing. Not all sculpture related, I usually focus on quilting during the cold wet months, and most of this Spring has been consumed with Dyeing fabric for future quilt projects


I also have been busy out in the metal busy to blog obviously.

This project has been on my mind for a while, it was a fun transition from quilting to metal it reminds me of a quilted feather design.


The fern cutout will become part of a garden bench, in the near future.

And of course I could not resist rust dyeing it.


It is such a great peice. Now to find the perfect use for it.


You all are welcome to come visit me Sunday at the Spring Garden Festival

Sunday May 4th 9-4




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